Cardiff Guitar Lessons

Hello and welcome to my first blog post! 

I created this blog as a means of keeping my website up to date with my latest news and happenings, so keep your eyes peeled for some exciting upcoming announcements! 

To kick things off I’m going to post about my role as a Cardiff guitar teacher, and go a bit more in depth about what one could expect during my guitar lessons. 

One of my greatest joys in music is helping others learn to play guitar, and reap some of the countless benefits that music lessons bring. Whether I am teaching guitar lessons for beginners, or for more advanced students, I always get a kick out of sharing new ideas, or cultivating new interests in the instrument. 

Some typical areas that might be covered in a lesson include music theory, guitar technique, tone production, songwriting, arranging, and repertoire to name a few. 

I also often focus on more specific areas of guitar. For example in acoustic guitar lessons I may cover aspects of fingerstyle guitar technique such as finger independence and control, along with more extended techniques such as harp harmonics. I often cover a broad and eclectic repertoire of music in these lessons. From fingerpicking to bluegrass and Celtic music, alongside pieces by some of the greats of the instrument, Chet Atkins, Tommy Emmanuel and countless others.

In electric guitar lessons, frequently covered topics include improvisation and soloing, rhythm playing, lead playing and tone. 

I am able to teach a wide array of musical styles on the guitar. 

My speciality is in fingerstyle guitar and acoustic music, although I am also able to teach jazz guitar, blues guitar, Celtic music, classical guitar, rock guitar and a myriad of other styles. Whatever the route that you want to progress down, I am able to assist you in your goals on the instrument. 

Regardless of whatever style a student may be interested in learning, I have a firm belief that students should learn to play the music that they love and are interested in. Music should always be a fun and rewarding experience and this cannot be achieved by playing music that you do not resonate with. For this reason I always endeavour to teach the skills necessary for a student to progress through the music in which they are interested. I find that not only does this provide a more enjoyable experience, but also a more efficient learning process as pupils are often more motivated to practise music that they enjoy. 

Nothing kills enthusiasm in an instrument faster than running through endless scales and drills.

If there is a particular artist that you want to focus on, then we can do that. If there is a certain song that you’ve always loved, then we can arrange the piece to suit your current level of ability. 

My aim is to always provide a meaningful musical experience for my students, whilst also facilitating the necessary skills that they need to progress. 

If you’ve gotten this far, I hope that you’ve enjoyed my first ever blog post. 

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